Bike Tours Portugal: who we are?

Our mission is to combine the excellence of natural
southwest of Portugal with local culture.

About us

Bike Tours Portugal was born in 2008, the result of a huge passion for travel, fascination with cycling and willingness to observe nature in its purest state.

We know the Southwest of Portugal like the palms of our hands, since we have ridden down the side roads and off-the- map trails for many years and dominate the logistics of the route like no one else.

Our experiencers combined local experience with technical knowledge in order to share the history of each place, evoke the taste of memory and even promote the participation of our customers in the local way of life. That's why our routes are carefully designed to help you appreciate each landscape and the culture to the fullest.

Preserving Nature

With an excellent climate and more than 3000 hours of sunlight a year the Southwest of Portugal is the ideal destination for bike tours.

Local Experiences

Each route was designed to go beyond the practice of a sport, stopping at all the places you are entitled to including natural, cultural, and gastronomic spots.

Excellence of Service

Our partners are small local companies with whom you can interact to create a positive impact on the local economy and contribute to the development of the region.