Cycle around the coast like a local with Bike Tours Portugal.

Bike Tours Portugal

Go out. Burn human energy, not oil.

Bike Tours Portugal

Go out, burn human energy, not oil.

Why Bike Tourism?

Discover the beauty of Portugal like never before with Bike Tours Portugal!

Our personalized and eco-friendly tours offer unforgettable experiences for both experienced and beginner cyclists. Immerse yourself in Portugal’s rich history and culture as you pedal through stunning landscapes and enchanting villages, all at your own pace.

Join us for an adventure of a lifetime and book your tour today!


Genuine Southwest and Vicentina Coast

From Lisboa to Algarve (one of the best European holiday destinations), enjoy a magnificent Alentejo and Vicentina coastline blessed with some of portuguese loveliest beaches, delicious cuisine, stunning landscapes and a sunny Mediterranean and Atlantic climate, beyond the tourist track.


Alentejo Heritage - Évora

Be enchanted by the beauty of the UNESCO city of Évora and surroundings. Riding through medieval castles and palaces and stand where you can view eagles flying from above, delight yourself with the picturesque landscapes of Alentejo. Ride along the vineyards, taste the Alentejo world renowned nectar and visit the wine cellars.


Guided Tours - New dates to N2

Riding in excellent company, you will never be alone. Come to discover Portugal in their pure state with our guide and assistance for an unforgettable ride.

13th to 21st April 2024
19th to 27th October 2024

What can you find in your experience?

Excellent Climate

With an excellent climate and more than 3000 hours of sunlight a year the Southwest of Portugal is the ideal destination for bike tours.